zeitgeist.css is a crowdsourced, extendable basic CSS file that imparts a design based on current design aesthetics to any simple HTML file, such as those produced by compiling markdown.

zeitgeist.css has the following goals:

  1. Enable any HTML page to maintain a modern appearance effortlessly.
  2. Ensure any page can easily embrace basic design best practices for readability, usability, accessibility, and compatibility.
  3. Provide a central repository for community knowledge and examples of these best practices, and a history of how they change over time.

zeitgeist.css contains basic CSS normalization and best practices from HTML5 Boilerplate. Responsive design rules for desktop, tablets, and mobile phones are included, a set of styles for printing, and styles for projectors as well.

The spirit of the time

Any page that links to the current version of zeitgeist.css will have a design that changes as zeitgeist.css changes. These changes are based on contributions and community decisions regarding the current state of web aesthetics, technology, and platform support.

Alternatively, a page can use a zeitgeist.css revision for any point in time in order to present a design reminiscent of that time period. The repository is tagged at the end of every month in order to facilitate linking to a revision from a specific point in time.


Use zeitgeist.css on your page by adding the following to the <head> section of your HTML:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="http://zeitgeist.rnf.me/zeitgeist.min.css" />

For more information, including how to link to older revisions, please see the README.


Do you have some ideas about how to improve zeitgeist.css? The project's README contains detailed information on how you can easily contribute.


zeitgeist.css is a work of the design community as a whole. The project was started by Ryan Freebern. Please follow @rfreebern on twitter.


As a product by and for the web design community as a whole, zeitgeist.css is licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0. See the LICENSE file for details.